Hotel „Mary“, Turkmenistan

New construction of a 4**** hotel in the city of Mary in Turkmenistan near to the Afghan border with 120 guest rooms

Hotel „Green Plaza“, Minsk

New construction of a 4**** hotel with 200 guest rooms near to the international airport in the city of Minsk / Belarus

Pediatric rehabilition centre „A.N. Bakulev“ , Moscow

New construction of the pediatric rehabilitation centre for post operational rehabilitation of the government institute NZSSH „A. N. Bakulev“ of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow / Russian Federation

Rehabilitation center with hotel complex and wellness center „UKTUS“ , Ekaterinburg

New construction of a rehabilitation centre with hotel complex and wellness center „UKTUS“ in Ekaterinburg / Russian Federation

Rehabilitation centre with medical facilities „Golden Shore“, Anapa / RF

New construction of the rehabilitation centre with medical facilities „Golden Shore“ in Anapa / Russian Federation

Hotel and business centre „VICTORIA“, Minsk

New construction of the hotel and business centre „VICTORIA“ in Minsk / Belarus

Psychosomatic clinic "GREEN MOUNTAIN", Yekaterinburg

New construction of a psychosomatic clinic "GREEN MOUNTAIN" in Yekaterinburg / Russian Federation