Psychosomatic clinic "GREEN MOUNTAIN", Yekaterinburg

New construction of a psychosomatic clinic "GREEN MOUNTAIN" in Yekaterinburg / Russian Federation

Scope of works
preliminary architectural design

21 Mio. Euro net

6.400 m² gross floor area

Main data
A private investor intends to establish a clinic for the treatment of psychosomatic diseases, especially for the treatment of BURN OUT – patients, in Yekaterinburg in the Russian Federation. The task is based on a special treatment concept, which combines ambitious treatment methods of different disciplines with special requirements for the building structure, technological functions, colours and shapes.
  • Standard: 5*
  • Partly use for outpatients or guest
  • Accommodation area:
  • 25 rooms - from simple standard
  • 25 suites with upgraded amenities
  • 5 deluxe suites with special service connection
  • 8 day hospital places
  • Foyer area with reception / front desk , shopping, coffee shop , bar
  • Balneologische therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy with chat rooms , group rooms , seminar rooms and multi-purpose room
  • Pool Area
  • Service area - kitchen, master area, laundry facilities , management
  • Restaurant