Project Management

We understand project control as the client function

  • for certain competence areas and services transferred by the client,
  • which are of technical, organizational and legal nature,
  • whereby classic instruments of project management are also used,
  • permanent project control is assured within the scope of the assigned tasks, and experience values from specific areas are actively and in advisory capacity integrated into the task realization.

The realization of building construction projects with complex and sophisticated technical building structures increases the importance of technical engineering and technical expertise, especially in special buildings such as hospitals or industrial buildings.

As a result, there is also an increased demand for technical expertise in house engineering.

The project controller acts as an external representative of the client against its contract partners. To meet these requirements he also be an expert beyond the classical elements of the project management.

Against this backdrop, in cooperation with your long-term business partners, we offer a complete scope of project management services combined with strong professional competence.

Scope of project management services

  • Definition of the objectives of the project and preparation and coordination of the basics for the overall project:
  • Providing of organisation and project manuals
  • Clarification of the conditions under which external planners and experts may be assigned (project participants).
  • Continuous consultancy to project development in consideration of the constructional, technological / functional aspects

Provide in-depth knowledge of:

  • Technological, production and process-related processes, optimization of the functional building structure in special buildings
  • Early implementation of facility management approaches, starting with the planning design Fire protection and safety measures
  • Establishment and monitoring of organisation charts, schedules and cost budgets related to project and project participants
  • Coordination and control of the project participants, with the exception of the exporting companies Preparation and support of planning participants
  • Updating of the planning tasks and clarification of target conflicts
  • Ongoing information on the execution of the project and the timely decision, has to be given the client
  • Coordination and control of financing, promotion and approval procedures
  • Project controlling within the assigned tasks
  • Support of the client in the assessment of the decision-making proposals for amendments and optimisation proposals
  • Support of quality assurance in the project