Project Development & Design

For the concept for new construction as well as for existing building an intensive examination of the planning task is of great importance.
The more complex the use of the building is, the more demanding is the planning task.

Restructuring of existing buildings
In the public as well as in the private sector, the existing technical and building structure has to be included in the planning tasks under various aspects.
Our ambition in the conceptual planning work is the reckless handling of existing building fabric and existing functional areas and structures.
Starting from this, possibilities for an optimal connection to existing functional structures and for the preservation of the construction stock will be examined and evaluated.
The aim is to develop a time- and cost-optimized project solution, which can be implemented under the set budget conditions.
Our services include all processes of in-house technological-functional and logistic links. This approach is particularly important in the planning and development of hospital and industrial projects.
In hospitals, for example, is the optimization and expansion of existing operating room areas and extensions based on the current state of technology and the corresponding increased demand on area for e.g. hybrid operating units of great importance.

Development of new building concepts
In the design of buildings with complex structures such as hospitals and other medical facilities, in addition to the set user requirements and existing framework conditions (e. g. land areas, neighbouring buildings), prospective use and extension options should be considered.

The influencing variables result, inter alia, from:

  • Technical and structural conditions
  • Local regulations
  • Usage of the facility
  • Complex technical systems & equipment
  • Internal functional, logistical and technological links

Whether to expand the existing structure or to build a new building, integrative facility management approaches should be integrated in the planning in order to create a cost-effective and sustainable use as well as optimal conditions for the subsequent reuse of the property.

Our services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Target planning and assessment of the existing buildings
  • Assessment of tasks for planned implementation
  • Design studies, design concepts
  • Preliminary planning applications
  • Design, planning, tendering, procurement, execution supervision