Modular construction

In some situations, modular systems are optimal alternatives to conventional buildings in the healthcare and other sectors.
Due to standardized design and as ready-to-build solution, which are produced in a controlled environment, a high degree of cost effectiveness is achieved.
Prefabricated steel frame modules are being used to build the proven clinic construction in accordance with the latest technological standards and the strict requirements for hospital buildings.
Our product portfolio includes standardized design solutions for several types of hospitals with different bed capacities and medical facilities as ready-to-build solutions. The standardised planning solutions are developed to the working documentation and are supplemented with standard detail catalogue, functional project description and specification of medical equipment.
The modular components consider all legal constructional demands, technical requirements and medical equipment specifications.
Our design solutions include:

  • MHE 50: Modular Hospital with 50 beds
  • MHE 100: Modular Hospital with 100 beds
  • MHE 150: Modular Hospital with 150 beds
  • MHE PC: Policlinic for 200 patients per day
  • MHE MP: Medical Point

with all function units and technical support required for diagnostic and therapy.
The Client has the possibility to decide about individual changes and adaptions based on the present design documentation.

The planning solutions are developed without fixing to any location. To create a design solution for specific project the site-specific condition and the building model should be considered. According to the final design the modules are pre-fabricated by local suppliers in corporation with a German finishing and fit-out company and a German design company. The technical coordination is realized by the finishing company.