Site logistic concepts, relocation and move management

In many existing building projects, the requirements of the implementation of the construction measures during ongoing operation and often in cramped areas for construction site equipment, storage for construction materials and disposal colleges for building site waste exists.
Particularly in hospital construction, but also generally in public buildings, special requirements shall be taken into account when planning the measures, which shall be ensured and monitored by means of organisational and technical measures.
The focus is on the safety of patients, personnel and other users of the building, the operational safety and the protection of technical equipment and systems.
The following measures shall be planned, organized, implemented and managed in such kind of projects:

  • Development of construction process technology in consideration of internal processes
  • Formation of construction stages
  • Hygiene requirements
  • Accessibility and roadmap for personnel and materials for construction site
  • Definition of storage areas & warehouse logistics concept
  • Relocation management for areas to be cleared temporary
  • Planning & securing the fire protection system during the construction works